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School and Youth Group Tours

Your Tour, Your Choice

students examining a well
  • Standards-based
  • Interactive Activities
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Pre- and Post-visit Activities

Looking for an interesting way to introduce a unit? Searching for a memorable review of material examined earlier in the year? We will work with you to create a customized tour. Whether you wish to cover math, science, English, or history, our professional educators will partner with you to create a customized tailored individualized experience. Your students will discover everything from the global economy to African American life, from fashion trades to agriculture and livestock, to government and politics. We want to personalize your experience to meet your curriculum needs. Contact us and we will begin planning your journey into the past.

18th Century Daily Life (All grades)

studentsAre your students curious to know what their lives would have been like in the past? Journey back with us and explore everyday life, work, and play in 18th century Williamsburg. Your tour will be tailored to the age group of your students, be they in elementary, middle, or high school, and will give them a feel for what their life would have been like had they lived here then. You may join in hands-on activities such as drawing water from a well, trying on period fashions or possibly even assemble a bucket.

Colonial Government and the Birth of our Democracy (Grades 6-12)

student groupHow did our government come to be? Do your students take the words "We the People" for granted? Journey back in time with us and see how our system of government was born. From the workings of the colonial government to our first vote for independence, from the Virginia Declaration of Rights to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, discover how the thoughts, actions, and various perspectives of people who loved and worked right here in Williamsburg influenced and shaped the government we have today. Your students will participate in an 18th - century election, will investigate the workings of 18th - century justice and even debate independence!

Women in 18th Century Williamsburg (Grades 6-12)

Powell Plus, 3 Hours
Not available in summer, from 9/28 to 10/9, 2020 (site closed for maintenance)

studenst and colonial interpreterIn a letter dated March 31st, 1776, future First Lady Abigail Adams wrote to her husband, John Adams, imploring the Continental Congress to "Remember the Ladies". On our "Women in 18th - Century Williamsburg" tour, we not only invite you to remember the ladies, we invite you to experience the town through the eyes of a notable housewife of the city. Discover how she orders her day. Meet the other women she interacts with throughout the city. By the end of the tour, there will be no way for your students to forget the ladies.