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Online Exhibits

Clothing Exhibit: Historic Threads and New ThreadsClothing Exhibit: Historic Threads and New ThreadsCommunicator Award

Online Clothing Exhibit

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"Historic Threads"

Antique garments and accessories from three centuries are gathered in this online collection. Zoom in close on these rare survivals, and read the stories of their creation. Advanced filter capabilities and keyword search make this a powerful tool for research and education.

Conserving the Murray Sisters

Conserving the Murray Sisters

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Walk through the restoration of an 18th-century painting, a modern process that reveals an ancient artist’s hand. See “Conserving the Murray Sisters,” our newest online exhibit.

Coins & Currency in Colonial America

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Coins Exhibit“Coins & Currency in Colonial America” examines the diverse types of money jingling in the pockets and purses of our colonial ancestors.

In this interactive, online exhibit, learn about varied coinage from all over the globe that influenced the currency we carry today. A glossary, top ten FAQs list, timeline, relative scale and value charts, zooming capability and sidebars all add layers of discovery to this expansive exhibit.

The exhibit includes the ubiquitous English half-penny and a 1774 Virginia shilling – one of only five known to exist – and is presented through the generosity of Joseph R. and Ruth P. Lasser of New York. The Lassers have amassed a collection of several thousand pieces, most of which are now in the collections of Colonial Williamsburg and are being exhibited here for the first time.

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Mapping Colonial America

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Mapping Colonial America Screenshot

Explore colonial maps from Colonial Williamsburg's collection in an online exhibition that includes maps dated from 1587 to 1782. The online exhibition looks at maps relating to colonial discovery, exploration, boundary disputes, navigation, trade, the French and Indian War, and the Revolutionary War. The exhibition features a zooming tool allowing a close look at map details, a glossary of terms, and a timeline of major events in history that occurred near the date a particular map was drawn.

Exploring Colonial America Screenshot

The online exhibition is a companion to the book "Degrees of Latitude: Mapping Colonial America" by Margaret Beck Pritchard and Henry G. Taliaferro. The illustrated volume looks at the inspiration behind the production of 73 maps, atlases, and sea charts and was published in association with Harry N. Abrams, Inc., as part of the Colonial Williamsburg Decorative Arts Series.

Order Today - $9.95 - the enhanced “Mapping Colonial America” CD-ROM at Extras include a zooming tool to see map details, a surveying video, and side-by-side comparisons to modern maps. Also available at Colonial Williamsburg bookstores.