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Today in the 1770s: June 25

WILLIAMSBURG, June 25, 1776.
At a meeting of the president and masters of the College, June 25, 1776. Whereas, upon an inquiry, it appears to this meeting that mr. Emmanuel Jones, sen. Master, has removed one cask of nails, No. 5, the property of the president and masters, as a publick body, out of their storehouse in the College, to his own plantation in Gloucester, under a mistaken notion, that any one of the professors is at liberty to borrow out of this storehouse what goods or chattles he thinks fit, without consulting the proprietors thereof; and whereas this transaction seems to have had its source more in the want of due consideration than evil design, and since mr. Jones intended to restore the nails immediately, but cannot now do it, as they have been seized for the use of the country: It is therefore ordered, that no farther notice be taken of this affair provided that these proceedings be immediately published in the same printer's paper wherein mr. Jones endeavored to avail himself of a custom, which, as far as we know, or believe, never existed, and has unjustly, as well as weakly, attempted to make an arrangement of the conduct of his brethren serve as an apology for his own erroneous practice. (By order of the Society) EMMANUEL JONES, clerk.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) June 28, 1776

About this entry:

Mr. Jones apologizes for using nails belonging to the College, especially since he can't replace them. They have been seized for the use of the country. Mr. Jones was master of the Indian School, 1755-1777.

Sources: WAR file

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