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Participant's Guide to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2016

Share Your Achievements

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In addition to staying in touch with us, we hope you will reach out to your local media and let them know how your community’s history education will be improved as a result of your attendance at the Teacher Institute. To help, we have prepared a 2020 sample press release for you to use.

The Teacher Institute staff encourage you to support American history education by writing thank you notes to those who support you and this program. For those of you attending with contributions from donors, please take a few moments to write a special thank you to those who made it possible for you to participate. To write in support of American history education in your local area as well as nationally, visit and enter your zip code to find the address for all your local, state, and national representatives. Also, be sure to contact your school district’s superintendent and school board members.

Taking a moment to say thank you will make a difference for thousands of students across the country!