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Before You Visit

This section takes you into the 18th century where you’ll meet tradespeople, members of royalty, plantation owners, slaves, red coats, the militia, farmers, colonial children, and more.

Start your visit at the Visitor Center where you can purchase Colonial Williamsburg tickets and rent children's costumes daily in the Costume Rental Center.

Begin your colonial adventure now with the activities below.

Colonial People

Explore the lives of colonial Americans-slave and free, men and women, rich and poor.
Click on the scenes below to start exploring.

  • Farm Family of Seven
  • Enslaved African-Americans
  • Enslaved Farm Family of Two
  • The Hired Tutor
  • The Master's Apprentice
  • Burgess and His Family

Tour The Town

Explore Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area from your computer or mobile device.

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