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Colonial Williamsburg Gardens

Colonial Williamsburg is known for its cool green spaces, tidy flower gardens, fenced pastures, trimmed boxwoods, and big shade trees. It was not always so, as a 1777 account of the view from the cupola of the College of William and Mary indicates that both the York River and the James River were visible from that vantage point, because the view was unobstructed by trees.

Historians and horticulturists have combined historically accurate native plants with exotics that tolerate the hot humid summers to create gardens and green spaces that keep visitors coming back again and again to photograph and enjoy. Garden clubs make regular excursions to see the gardens and participate in Colonial Williamsburg gardening programs. At Christmas, plant materials are used to make some of the most beautiful and anticipated decorations in the country.

Whether you are interested in planning your own colonial garden, researching native plants, participating in an educational gardening program, visiting the colonial nursery, or taking a garden walking tour, you are sure to enjoy Colonial Williamsburg's gardens.


Garden Gate

Garden Programs

“Through the Garden Gate”
This walking tour focuses on the historic documents and archaeological evidence used in creating The Revolutionary City gardens.

“Gardens of Gentility”
This escorted walking tour visits the gardens of the Governor's Palace and other gardens along Palace Green.

“Meet the Gardener”
Garden volunteers answer questions about growing flowers and vegetables in The Revolutionary City.

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